Thursday, February 13, 2014

The next BIG thing in marketing: authenticity & responsiveness

Want to know how to really make an impression with your clients? Want to learn the trick to the next big viral campaign before it even happens? How about the best way to grow your business? 

Are you ready? goes. I hope you are sitting down.

Be authentic. Be genuine. Know you customers like they are your friends. Actually care.

Yes, it IS that simple.

If you don't believe it, I can guarantee that if you take a look at any successful business, 95% of them will agree that paying attention to what their best customers want, and then - here's the key - RESPONDING - is what makes all the difference.

Here's why: 
Customers are your biggest assets. Treat them right and reap the rewards. 

I have said this many times, but it's worth saying again. In fact, you can read more about just how important customers are from sales to innovating your next product here.

The Age of the Customer
"The age of the customer" is but one of the phrases I've heard lately to describe the shift in power from marketers to consumers. Call it what you want, but people are savvier now than ever before, and they can smell a lie, a ruse, a contrived message a mile away. The key to survival (and in turn, success) is cutting the crap, removing the fluff, and speaking with authenticity to your audience. That is where the next wave of marketing is heading. 

Advertisers and marketers, mom and pop shops and CEOs everywhere need to listen up if they want to keep on keeping on. The era of push strategies at any point of the marketing cycle is over.

The take away: take the time to listen, get feedback, RESPOND!

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