Thursday, July 25, 2013

Why YOU are your own best social media 'expert'

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I realize the title of this post might elicit some scoffing, followed by thoughts along the lines of "How can I be a social media expert? My background isn't in marketing or advertising!!" And rightly so; knowing how to best use social media for your business may not be your forte, but that is only part of the social media equation.

The other key part of social media is content; RELEVANT content. Relevant content is what makes Tweets, posts, updates and pin boards resonate with your audience. So what is relevant content? It is the bit of news, the photo, the thought of the day, the link to an article that will seize the attention of your audience. It is what makes them click instead of scrolling, read instead of scanning, notice instead of ignoring. It provides value and in doing so, makes the time they spend engaging with your business worthwhile to them. That is what will keep them coming back, thereby keeping your business top of mind. Content has the potential to affect the overall experience with your business and it contributes to your business's overall image, otherwise known as your brand.

So, going back to my initial statement, I'll ask now: who best to guide the content part of your social media presence than you? After all, you know your business, you know what your customers value, and the keys that guide your business inside and out. Embrace that knowledge and utilize it to your benefit.

Cultivating the knowledge

The key is knowing how to harness the knowledge you hold about your business and developing a sixth sense of sorts to be able to recognize what can be turned into valuable social media tid-bits. It does take a bit of practice, but once you start looking for things in this light, the more easily you will recognize them. Not all posts or Tweets will be zingers, but take heart: one of the beautiful things about social media is the ability to experiment, adjust and keep trying different things until you hit your groove and see what resonates most with your audience.

Summary: Sit down and think about what news and information is valuable to your customers that is related and complements your business. Start scanning blogs, news sources and online magazines for ideas that can add value to your social media presence.

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