Friday, January 3, 2014

A shift in traditional marketing: VALUE MARKETING is NOW

I’ve been involved in marketing and advertising for well over a decade now. I started when new media was a one-person gig at a big company. That was my gig. I sat in a cubicle on the fringe of the marketing department. How appropriate.

There were no real budgets to speak of because no one knew what to expect, but because internet advertising was in its infancy (remember + $100 CPMs?), you better hope that someone in the traditional media advertising department had the ability (and trust) to authorize internet advertising contracts in the thousands of dollars. Luckily, I had a great time learning about online media (something that my college program hadn’t yet included), and it set the stage for the rest of my career.

Fast forward a dozen years… 
Since that time, as is to be expected, the world has continued to evolve. What I have learned is just how much marketing has been a mirror of society’s evolution in that time. Marketing has always had a symbiotic relationship with people and society. Afterall, if there is no one to market to, what is the point? Who is listening? 

Marketing depends upon people and personally, I think it is time for an industry wake-up call. The people part of the equation is what is going to make or break business in the near future. Those not paying attention will be left behind.

SIDE NOTE: A bit of  background here...As we know, marketing in the past decade was revolutionized with the advent of self-publishing, where everyone and anyone can take the mic and BE OUT THERE. Web 2.0 levelled the playing field for small companies to exist on the ‘big stage’ that use to be out of reach unless you had millions of dollars to spend on marketing and advertising. This changed the dynamic of advertising and marketing from being a one-way broadcast to a two-way method of communication. That shift is key. While this isn’t news anymore, it is plain to see that some companies still don’t get it – and that, my friends IS newsworthy. Why? Because that is the crux in the big marketing machine. THAT is what small business can use to its advantage. Read on to learn why...

Here's the big reveal: The companies that recognize the value of communicating with their customers and then using the information as insight to meet needs, add value and in turn, stay relevant, will succeed. This is what I call VALUEMARKETING. Companies who ignore the power that customers hold, will perish: it’s as simple as that.

Is your business among those who will succeed? Are you ready to be part of that shift in marketing - a shift that will involve a new and more relevant approach to your customers? I'm very excited to discuss and explore, and most importantly, help small businesses take advantage of this unique time in consumer culture to be the difference, to stand out and make the lives of their customers better, and in turn, become remarkable.

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P.S.: To read more about the importance of VALUE MARKETING to small business success, read my next post that really gets into the nitty-gritty of this approach and necessary shift in thinking: People are marketing; NOT products, gimmicks or how many ‘likes’ a photo gets - coming soon! 
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