Friday, June 21, 2013

From the back burner to front and centre 2.0

So the very last post on here was heralding a new step in my professional career with the launch of my freelance writing business, Simple Communications. That was a definite momentum changer and step in the right direction however, fastforward a year, and now I'm in a whole new place, facing a new challenge - one that I'm so excited to embark on. I am launching my own consulting business that combines my passion and expertise for branding and marketing communications strategy-  The Rogue Pea Marketing. My niche is helping small and medium-sized businesses thrive by offering a combination of training and educational resources along with customized strategic advice to address branding, marketing communications and social media management.

In speaking with small business owners, I've come to realize that there is a glaring need for trustworthy and affordable advice that addresses the unique challenges small business owners face when it comes to marketing and 'getting the word out' as one such owner put it. These businesses face very different challenges and I'm very excited to meet these entrepreneurs, to learn more about what it means to own a small business and to help them achieve their goals and reach the success they envision for their companies. I want to help them become The Rogue Pea that stands apart from the pod!

My approach is based on the philosophy that better understanding and knowledge leads to better decision-making. As such my services offer a combination of education and custom consulting. In the near future (hopefully as soon as the end of July), I will be offering 2-hour training sessions/workshops for small groups of business owners. The first half of the the session will consist of a presentation I will give on a specific topic of interest, (ie. branding and why it is important for small business). During the second half I will moderate a workshop to discuss issues and questions that attendees bring to the table about their businesses, relating to the presentation topic that day. I feel this approach promotes a friendly and comfortable exchange of ideas - ideal circumstances to foster creativity and problem-solving.

My website will be up and running in the next month or so but for the time being, I will be posting regularly on this blog. Posts will include my take on a particular aspect of branding or marketing, or maybe a link to a valuable resource with a bit of information as to why it is useful.

All this to say, I hope you will stick around, subscribe to my blog by submitting your email (at right) to be notified of updates, and share your comments as we go along. Thanks!

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